Shannon: band of horses is amazing. ou're cute. (09.03.08, 1:39PM)

Angie Matula: I haven't checked out your blog in a while so i thought i was due... it is just so much fun looking at all of your amazing work. You just get better and better everytime i check in... glad to see things are going so well and that you seem so happy :) P.S. Millie has hair like me! (07.08.08, 11:54PM)

Rachel Barker: Hi Lil and Kim! Sorry it took so long to respond to you guys. I almost forgot this post was here! Lil - You are such a sweet person - thank you for the compliment. I can't wait for your wedding this coming weekend! I'm glad you liked the bon bon's. They are yummy, aren't they?! Kim - Hey, girl! I taught hip hop (believe it or not) and modern dance just for a few years. I know we're going to get along just great, and I can't wait to see all the fabulous dancers at your wedding. :o) (05.19.08, 3:55PM)

Lil: Hi Rachel! I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are! Thank you so much for the sweet treat you sent. It was perfect timing! Hope to talk to you soon! (01.29.08, 7:55PM)

Kim Kuzan: Hey Rachel! Just read your survey! What kind of dance do you teach? (01.22.08, 10:34AM)