Ashley Walls: Millie I was a brides maid at the Slater wedding in Sandusky OH. You are an amazing phtographer with insane ideas i love everything about it!! hopefully i can steal you as well for my wedding!!! CANT WAIT to see and buy all the pictures lol THANK YOUU!! ash (08.30.10, 8:25AM)

Susan: Happy Birthday today! Hope it's great and all is well with you. Been a long time since our days a Regent -- wishing you the best. (03.13.10, 1:57PM)

Julie P: Mills, you're the BEST! You inspire me and I am so glad we met through Pictage! Keep up the great work cuz you totally ROCK! (09.05.08, 5:50PM)

ashley rebbert: i think i should have a section under here for biggest fan! just a thought.. (12.30.07, 12:25AM)

lacy: millie! I just discovered your work and your blog and I'm beyond hooked. You are inspired, girlfriend. You can trust I'll be back...and frequently. love! Lacy (10.21.07, 12:03AM)

Lona: I come from Wisconsin and Sundrop is a big soda up there. My personal favorite!!! Love your pics. Lona (10.12.07, 12:58PM)

Kayleigh: mills is amazing! i love you (08.25.07, 9:51PM)

Kristen: Millie, I caught the weather report just the other day and the forecast called for "plentiful sunshine". I immediately decided my new nickname should be Plentiful Sunshine. I think you deserve that nickname too! I love the new Blog. Can't wait to see more. (08.23.07, 1:53PM)

davina: I didn't know you liked yellow so much. You are totally a sunshiney person! (08.20.07, 11:12PM)

mary: Nickle Creek= awesome!!! :) (08.20.07, 11:12PM)