Brent Holloman: mainfr4me: Im a huge fan of MM's first album and felt the same way about there new one but the more I listened to it, the more i liked it. Toni: Earlier Avett is better but this album is still pretty awesome. The Second Gleam is actually my favorite I think. Heather: I will check out The Felice Brothers but I don't know if they could be much better then the Avett brothers. ha. (01.19.10, 1:03PM)

Heather Lawrence: Great selection - based on this selection you have to check out The Felice Brothers. They are along the same lines as The Avett Brothers, but much better (to me). Check them out, you won't regret it. p.s. Way better live than even on their albums!!! (01.15.10, 4:52PM)

Toni: LOVE The Avetts!!! There earlier work is much better! Love "Bird and the Bee" - Love letter to Japan is a great work out song. Just discovered some of the others myself. (01.10.10, 2:30PM)

Gabriel McGee: This is a really great list! The fact that I know a ton of the artists on here makes me feel good :) Tegan and Sara are definitely way up there on my list, as are Metric (Fantasies is my favorite) and Regina Spektor. Surprised you listed The Birds and The Bees on here, they are ridiculously obscure! They have some cool stuff though. (01.01.10, 6:13PM)

mainfr4me: Armistice is a great album - I know some folks were faltering because it wasn't as punchy (is that an adjective?) as their last album. Have you tried The Almost - love both of their albums. (12.30.09, 10:48AM)

kim: I can't wait to listen through these, thanks! I'm not sure what year, but Bishop Allen with The Broken String is amazing. I know it may be cliche for a photographer, but really melt when I hear "Click, Click, Click, Click". (12.29.09, 11:02PM)

Brent: Alyssa: Barcelona and Lykke Li are great too! Bon Iver would have been on my list but there album was 2008. Amy: I still need to check out that new muse album... I don't know how that one slipped by me for so long. I will check that one out soon. (12.29.09, 10:44PM)

Amy Vogel: Great selections guys! Some of my faves from this year...No Response by Mute Math on the Armistice album. Uprising by Muse on The Resistance album. Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap on the Conditions album. (12.29.09, 9:22PM)

Alyssa: OH! And Bon Iver too!!!! (12.29.09, 4:34PM)

Alyssa: Theres a band out of Seattle called Barcelona I've been listening to them for several years they are to die for and also I discovered an artist called Lykke Li this year that I love! (12.29.09, 4:07PM)