Lisa June: These are probably some of my favorites....I love the vineyard! I love the wine cellar! This couple is a great looking couple and the backdrop is beautiful! (11.15.07, 6:46PM)

Susie: My favorite is definitely #10, but they are ALL fantabulous - I hope I get to experience the fun in Mexico in May! (11.14.07, 6:46PM)

Nancy Morabito: These are amazing Millie :) I cannot even begin to imagine how beautiful the wedding shots are going to be!! See you in May! (11.08.07, 12:31PM)

melissa: i think this is one of my fav. ring shots!!! (11.03.07, 9:31PM)

levell: I don't think you can pick a favorite because they all are amazing! (11.01.07, 8:23PM)

Shannon Caldwell: Ashley - if you think it's hard to pic the faves from the blog, you should try to pic the faves from all 289 of them! I agree Mills is awesome - and a treat to work with. :) (11.01.07, 4:50PM)

Ashley Rebbert: well, my favorites are 6,8,10, 11, etc, etc, etc. holy cow i like them all but have 9 favorites. how is that possible?? oh thats right.. mills is amazing! silly me for thinking i can only have 5 or less favorites. congrats on going to mexico! dont do anything i woulnt do! (11.01.07, 2:44PM)

Janet & Dick Pierce: Millie, the pictures are fantastic! We had a tough time picking our favorites! We really enjoyed spending time wiht you this past weekend and watching you at work. You are amazing!! (11.01.07, 11:04AM)

Nan Soueidan: I viewed the photos for the first time last night but had to come back to them this morning for another look. Millie captured how deeply Shannon and Rich care for one another. It reminds me that it is a privilege to know them. (11.01.07, 10:09AM)

Jennifer Rose-Sandy: You know you have seen good artwork or read good writing, when you can't walk away and forget. You images are of that kind-- the ones that refuse to be forgotten. These are incredible. (10.31.07, 2:51PM)

Pat Kusek: Well, what a fantastic set of photos; WELL DONE!!! Sure is a nice 'tease' for the wedding! (10.31.07, 1:56PM)

April Keen: Oh My God!!! Millie these pictures are absolutely amazing! I love the thought of having a photo shoot in a vineyard! How unbelievably romantic! And you captured it so well. AMAZING!!! (10.31.07, 1:30PM)

millie holloman: Shannon - so glad you love them! Of course, I had an incredible couple to work with which is a HUGE plus! (10.31.07, 7:52AM)

millie holloman: Hi Jen - that is actually all natural light... no off camera lighting or flash was used at any point during this shoot. (10.31.07, 7:51AM)

Jen: wowzers..you do some cool stuff with off camera lighting! Fun fun fun!!! (10.30.07, 11:28PM)

Shannon: OMG! These are totally amazing. Millie - you are so much fun to work with! You really made us feel like rock stars for the day. I can't wait for you to shoot the wedding! (10.30.07, 6:22PM)

Ann Willard: Oh WOW!! What great pictures. Of course, the two in the pictures are pretty great. Your expertise in photography is like icing on the cake. This event is going to be the best ever. I am so glad you are doing their pictures. (10.30.07, 5:20PM)